3 Signs You Need a Party Bus Instead of a Limousine for Your Hen Party

Limousines might be the traditional choice for hen parties, but party busses are becoming steadily more popular, and it isn't hard to see why.

Here are just three signs you should opt for party bus hire instead of a limo for your hen party.

1. You Have a Larger Group

Probably the most compelling benefit of opting for a party bus instead of for a limousine is that you'll have room for considerably more people. Limousines are great for giving people more legroom and space to stretch out, but they are still only really meant to cater for quite small groups. In contrast, busses are designed to take larger groups, and they can still do so when they have been outfitted for party hire instead of for your basic A to B.

Even with the standard seating removed in favour of larger chairs or sofas, busses can easily accommodate many times the number of people that could fit within a limousine. Unless your hen party is only going to consist of 5 or 6 people, a limo is going to get pretty crowded pretty fast, but a party bus makes room for all. This provides the added benefit of lower costs since you can divvy up the expenses between a larger number of people.

2. You Like to Party

The thing about limousines is that they were never designed for partying in the first place. They have lower ceilings, thinner interiors and generally aren't very good at adding larger features. Busses might not originally have been planned for partying either, but they cater for them far more effectively. The added space means that huge TVs and sound systems can be added, and you'll even find busses with stripper poles and small dance floors.

Obviously a limo company couldn't really put in anything too party-focused since they might have to cater to business users the day after they cater to a hen party.  

3. You're Taking Longer Rides

Limos are generally great for zipping around the city, but they aren't exactly perfect for travelling longer distances. If your hen party is kicking off in one place and then travelling into a major city or tourist destination for the partying itself, you'll find that it's far nicer to travel in a party bus than in a limo.

For starters, you'll have more room to move around, but, perhaps more importantly, the fact that you're not as close to the ground means that you won't feel every turn as much, so anyone who has had a couple of drinks before boarding won't be in danger of losing them. Additionally, you'll be able to see more of the world around you out of the larger windows.