Preparing Your Pub for Sale

If you are planning to sell your pub, the selling process should start a few months before the actual listing. By doing a few simple things, you can reduce the amount of time that your property is listed before it gets snapped up, and you'll also hopefully maximise your sale price. 

Get those small jobs done

When the person taking the photos comes by, it always helps to have some fresh paint and gardens which have been regularly weeded and mulched. It helps the pub to look as good as possible, and even if the property needs a full renovation, presenting a fresh and clean appearance is useful, as it helps buyers to picture the underlying potential in the property. When you have inspections, it's also important to make sure all of the light switches are working and taps aren't dripping, as these are small and easy repairs and give the buyers an impression as to whether the property has been well maintained. 

Run some promos 

If the pub has been a bit tired and neglected, this can be a good time to run some new promos such as discounts for rooms and new menu items. Getting people back into the pub, even if it is struggling, can help to identify potential improvements. You can pass this research onto the new owners, and this can help them to see how they can improve the business with minimal work. It can also show buyers the 'size' of the market they can potentially attract. 

Get the right team

Another important part of selling a pub is gathering the right real estate team. This includes great photographers who can show the property from the best angles, convincing copywriters who can describe your property in the best way for the website and promotional materials, and gregarious real estate agents who can help to convince people during inspections. It is a good idea to find a sales team with a solid history in selling pubs, as they are likely to have a deep list of potential buyers, which can help you to sell your property as quickly as possible and may even lead to some competition between your buyers, which helps you to get the best possible price. 

Planning ahead and taking some small steps to show both the physical property and the business aspects of your pub in the best light can help you to get the best price and sell your pub as quickly as possible.